Elmhurst Escape Room

We are a uniquely family-friendly escape room with the ability to adjust the challenge level of our puzzles to meet your party’s needs. Elementary school children love our immersive, interactive puzzles and seasoned escape room veterans can request mind-bending cryptic clues. You and your team have 60 minutes to untangle the evidence, draw conclusions, and defy the odds to claim your victory. If you’re ready to start the clock, book now!

Rooms are limited to 2-10* participants and are private bookings at this time. In other words, your group will not be paired with strangers to fill a room. Walk-in groups may have availability but online reservations are highly encouraged. Children younger than age 13 MAY NOT be alone in our escape rooms and must be accompanied by a paid adult.

*2-10 players for Save Sherlock! and 2-8 players for Captain’s Quarters

Searching for treasure in Captain’s Quarters

If you’re planning a special event (birthday party, corporate team building, engagement proposal, retirement, etc.) then we’d love to work with you to craft a memorable occasion. Click here for our birthday party packages.

Our Escape Rooms

Save Sherlock!

To the esteemed colleagues of Sherlock Holmes,
It would seem that the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated and your detective has found himself in a rather precarious situation. If your powers of observation and deduction are truly keen then you’ll be able to find the code that can save him. Prove yourself to me and I will release him, you have my word.
-Professor Moriarty

Difficulty: Standard.

Captain’s Quarters

Pirates assemble! Captain Mayhem stole your treasure and you’re going to steal it back! You’ve snuck into his pirate ship only to discover that he’s hidden the keys behind several riddles and puzzles. Are you savvy enough to reclaim your treasure before he returns and makes you walk the plank?

Difficulty: Advanced.

Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Adventure escape room

Halloween Adventure!

Yes! We’re open on Monday, Oct 31st, 2022!

The best candy is at Old Man Grubber’s house, and this year he’s hidden it in his attic. Don’t get caught by the tricks and traps and you can claim your Halloween reward!

Difficulty: Standard. The 2022 Halloween room is completely reimagined and contains all new puzzles! Additionally, we offer a “Scary Mode” for those seeking a difficult (PG-13) challenge – simply tell your room guide that you’re looking for Scary Mode!

Be S.M.A.R.T.

Seek: Look high and low, in corners and cabinets and with eyes and hands.

Mastermind: Don’t panic! Master your own mind to solve the puzzles in time.

Ask: We’re here to help you out if you get stuck.

Review: If you’re not getting the answer you need, then go back and check your work.

Talk: If you see something, then say something!

Directions & Parking

There is ample free street parking around Elmhurst Escape Room. 

If you’d like the peace of mind of a parking garage, there is a free-for-4-hours parking garage just around the block from Elmhurst Escape Room. Point your navigator to Addison Parking Deck 135 N Addison Ave in Elmhurst. Take the elevator in the Northwest corner of the building (to Addison Ave) down to the street level. Now you’ll head around the block! First, turn right out of the garage. Then take a right on 2nd Ave. Finally, take another right onto York Ave at Starbucks (open until 9 p.m.) and Elmhurst Escape Room is the door just before the movie theater.